HRSA Granted ARPA Funding for The ARC Sustainability Analysis

Helena, Montana: On October 16, 2023, the Helena City Commission granted HRSA’s request for $47,500 in ARPA funds to help pay for a Sustainability Analysis of The ARC. A complete sustainability and community-wide economic analysis is now underway and will be completed in January, 2024.

“This study is critical to confirm that The ARC will be economically self-sustainable once it is constructed,” said Heather Grahame, Board Member at HRSA. “We wholeheartedly thank and appreciate the Helena City Commission’s support for this project.”

About Helena Regional Sports Association: The Helena Regional Sports Association (HRSA) was formed to help vibrant regional sports organizations be more successful by creating community partnerships to build, operate and maintain tournament-quality facilities and provide access to an expanded, shared pool of volunteers. HRSA has joined forces with the Lewis and Clark County Fair Board to design and construct The ARC. This Public/Private Partnership is now working tirelessly throughout the community to not just assess unmet needs, but to address them with an indoor facility second to none.

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