Frequently Asked Questions

Project Overview:

What is the vision behind The ARC?

In 2015, a small group of swimmers got together and talked about the need to build a new swimming pool. They recognized the lack of pool space to meet the needs of the community. From that meeting, The Helena Regional Sports Association was created to assess the unmet needs in the Helena Region for programs, facilities and equipment that would promote sports education and physical fitness for youth and adults. Addressing the need for new sports facilities is vital to the continued health and wellness of our region.

How will The ARC benefit the community?

HRSA and the Lewis and Clark County Fairgrounds Board are designing The ARC to foster the health, wellness, and fitness across our region, bring state and regional sports competitions to our community,  and a state of the art venue for concerts and special events. Not only will this improve our public health and decrease health care costs, but it will encourage new and existing businesses to develop, expand, and reinvest in our community.

What are the goals of the fundraising campaign?

The goals of our upcoming fundraising campaign are to offset as much of the expected project cost as possible through the generosity of private donors and businesses investing in our community and region. Initial donations will provide for the ability to revise project feasibility studies, proceed with community group surveys and data collection, and produce the preliminary project design for The ARC.

What does the name The ARC stand for?

While the name is not meant as an acronym for project marketing purposes, it does have its roots in how the vision has grown over time. From its initial beginnings as a competitive pool with strong support from the aquatics community (A), to the more recently expanded concept of a general recreation center (RC), The ARC just seemed to stick. Nothing like a naturally memorable and easy to reference name, right? We hope you like it too!

Funding and Donations:

How can I contribute to the fundraising campaign?

Absolutely! We encourage all supporters to sign up for updates on our Supporters Page and donate via the Donate button at the top of our website.

Are there different levels of sponsorship or donation with specific benefits?

As fundraising efforts get underway for the larger capital campaign to support facility construction, we expect to have some specific benefits available for project partners in consideration of their generous support for The ARC. More information on sponsorship and donation levels will be shared as we finalize the initial planning phase.

Project Details:

What amenities and features are planned for the facilities?

We are currently in the preliminary design planning phase of development and look forward to refining exactly what amenities and features will be available at The ARC based on upcoming discussions with user groups and the greater communities. Stay tuned!

Are there specific sports programs or community outreach initiatives planned?

Yes! We feel it is important for The ARC to provide programs that will reach all segments of our community. Programs for infant water safety, homeschooling P.E. classes, and programs designed to serve the needs of our marginalized population will be available.

Will The ARC be accessible to people of all abilities?

Yes! The ARC will be designed to welcome people of all abilities to enjoy and participate in activities at our facilities, with ADA certified entrances and options throughout.

Community Impact:

How will The ARC enhance the quality of life for county residents?

The ARC stands to significantly enhance our region’s quality of life with individuals, families, and teams having adequate space for practice, play, and events. Beyond the ability to host large-scale athletic tournaments, The ARC will also be able to host larger concerts and recreational events with a large capacity indoor arena. Our facilities will also offer a full spectrum of athletic and recreational programs and services that are currently unavailable in the area, serving residents of all ages and abilities.

Will there be partnerships with local schools or community organizations?

As we work through stakeholder and public meetings, we intend to collaborate extensively with schools and community organizations.

What positive changes do you anticipate in the county as a result of The ARC?

Vibrant communities with adequate indoor sports and recreational facilities improve the physical and mental health of their residents through a wealth of options to increase overall wellness. Healthy residents reinforce our community fabric and create opportunities for additional positive, grass-roots organizations and clubs to thrive. Quality indoor sports and recreational facilities attract and retain young people and retirees, as well as out-of-town visitors for tournaments with positive economic impacts on the area. Spurring this kind of economic development encourages businesses to redevelop and reinvest in our communities. But perhaps more important than any positive economic aspect is the expected benefits involving mental health. With a suicide rate among the highest in the nation, all Montanan’s deserve adequate resources to improve their mental wellbeing. We hope that The ARC can play a role in doing so for our residents through unique indoor exercise opportunities and other programming to help battle depression and improve overall mental health.

Get Involved:

Can individuals or businesses contribute in ways other than monetary donations?

Absolutely! To reach the day when the doors of The ARC first open, any and all community support is welcome. We have already had several local businesses step forward to help with website development and hosting, others are supporting community outreach through their networks of customers/clients to let folks know about The ARC, and many individuals are signing up as Supporters on the website. If you want to help in any way, please send us a note through the Contact Page and we’ll figure out a way to use your skills and energy.

Contact and Support:

How can I contact the fundraising team if I have specific questions?

Please send us a note through the Contact Page and we’ll be happy to answer any questions.

Are there informational sessions or presentations planned for potential donors?

While there are no formal informational sessions planned for potential donors at this time, we are in the process of holding meetings with various User Groups and other stakeholders to refine our preliminary design plans for The ARC. It is likely that potential donors may be part of these groups and/or their networks, so we encourage any attendees with an interest in donating to reach out via our Supporters Page or in-person at these meetings for more information.

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