The ARC is envisioned to be a multi-sport and entertainment complex to provide our local sports and recreation community with indoor space, and to attract state and regional tournaments.  

Indoor Arena

A 12,500 seat indoor arena with seating capacity to attract regional and national events is critical. It will serve as an event venue for rodeos, concerts, state and regional hardwood court tournaments and a wide array of community events.

Indoor Hardwood Courts

Indoor hardwood courts to meet daily group practice schedules, physical education classes, pick up games and to host state and regional tournaments.





Indoor Turf Fields

Indoor turf fields are in high demand and are truly multi-use. This facility would permit multiple groups to practice simultaneously.

Competitive Swimming Pool

Competitive swimming pool with adequate deck space for the swimmers is needed to meet our community’s demand. Plenty of visitor seating and viewing space will attract state and regional events.

Recreational Swimming Pool

Recreational, warm water pool to provide opportunities for physical therapy, fitness classes, toddler to adult swim lessons, infant water safety classes, water basketball, volleyball and other games.

Indoor Track

An indoor walking/jogging track to provide year round options for continued walking and athletic training is planned, along with many other activities that we continue to identify in our community stakeholder meetings.

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