Frequently Asked Questions


We have received many comments and questions posted on to our website and on our HRSA Facebook page. Many of the questions and answers are compiled here.

We appreciate all the comments and questions. Please continue to submit them. You can also use our email at the bottom of this page to let us know your thoughts.

  • How much will it cost?

As currently shown, the cost will range from $35-45 million depending on the efficiency and structure of the final design, and the timing of when we can get it built.

  • How it is going to be funded?

Funding is underway to raise the first $250,000 for project planning and hiring of a development director. We need 1000 families to donate at least $250 to raise the first $250,000. This commitment will show community support and get us rolling to making the facility a reality.

We hope to raise at least 50% of cost through private foundations, grants and donations. Because of the location, New Market Tax Credits could help fund 15-20%. The rest may need to come through community support such as a public bond.

The Grassroots campaign to raise the first $250K is under way. Please become a founding member of the “Quarter Million Dollar” by contributing $250. On-line payment and planned gifts are available at

  • Will there be room for a running track … or indoor practice facilities for baseball/softball … or indoor soccer field … or some other type of activity, etc.?

The current conceptual design was informed by a thorough feasibility study that identified current and emerging facility needs against that already existing in the community. Consistent with the study recommendations, the proposed facility includes a jogging/walking track above the gym and field spaces. This is not a competitive running track, because of space and cost constraints, but does provide indoor running opportunities.

The turf field area is for multipurpose use including soccer and other turf sports (including lacrosse, track or football practice, etc.). While batting cages are not currently included, netting could be provided for softball practice.

  • What about year round ice?

The facility does not include an ice arena. The need for additional ice skating capacity was not identified in the feasibility study.

  • Where will it be located?

The facility is planned for the southern edge of Centennial Park at the current YMCA location.

  • How about the Capital Hill mall site?

We have looked at many alternative sites including the CHM site, and we’ve had discussions with the CHM site owner. This could be a great location, unfortunately, the site comes with a purchase or lease cost and our timeline may not fit the developers schedule for progress.


If you have any questions about HRSA, please email us at or post on our Facebook page